Useful resources for Geoguessr

Here is a list with the best addons, scripts or tools that can make your life easier with Geoguessr. None of those will give you an ‘edge’ or make you able to cheat at the game, they are just tiny improvements.

GeoTips Records Browser v1.2 Our inhouse browser that is required to use in order to submit solo world records. Feedback in Discord!

Country Streak Counter (auto and manual) – done by SubSymmetry and Theroei

GeoGuessr Ultimate Script  – done by MrAmericanMike

GeoGuessr Path Logger  – done by xsanda. It traces where you have moved on the map during a round.

Geocountr  – done by MrAmericanMike. It shows you the number of locations per country you have in your map.

ChatGuessr – done by RollinHill. Makes interaction with your viewers on Twitch easier. Involve your chat to guess along where you are!

GeoNoCar – done by drparse. It disables the car and the compass during rounds.

GeoFilter – done by drparse. It’s a fun script that can put a lot of filters that change how street view looks in the game.

US State Streak Counter – done by SubSymmetry. Auto counts the US States in a streak counter to keep track of your 50 state speed runs.

For the scripts and addons (except the GeoTips Records Browser), you have to install them using Tampermonkey.