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Solo Streaks

Style of ChallengePlayerMap UsedRecordVideo
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ southbye3000A Diverse World (3.0)88
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ PolitixA Diverse World (3.0)66
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ Wolftrekker (NCNC)A Diverse World (3.0)60
Solo Non-Moving Country Streaks4α΅—Κ° AlokA Diverse World (3.0)53
Solo Non-Moving Country Streaks5α΅—Κ° Geography ChallengesA Diverse World (3.0)42
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ MagyaronA Balanced World34
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ AlokA Balanced World30
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ SchpazA Balanced World23
Solo NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ MagyaronA Diverse World (3.0)46
Solo NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ TOPOTICA Diverse World (3.0)35
Solo NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ PolitixA Diverse World (3.0)34
(NM) Europe Country StreakπŸ₯‡ TOPOTICEurope (Mapper’s)70
(NM) Europe Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ NighteyEurope (Mapper’s)30
(NM) Europe Country StreakπŸ₯‰ MagyaronEurope (Mapper’s)29
(NM) Baltic Country StreakπŸ₯‡ GeoPeterYTDrparse’s Baltic Boogaloo44
(NM) Baltic Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ TOPOTICDrparse’s Baltic Boogaloo37
(NM) Baltic Country StreakπŸ₯‰ drparseDrparse’s Baltic Boogaloo24
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯‡ Alok, TOPOTIC & MagyaronBalkan Roulette45Multiple
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ NighteyBalkan Roulette14
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯‰ streamratings (Kurt)Balkan Roulette12
NCNC Hedge (NM)πŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryAn Improved World17
NCNC Hedge (NM)πŸ₯ˆ PolitixAn Improved World10
NCNC Hedge (NM)πŸ₯‰An Improved World
(NM) UK Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ SimerodgeUnited Kingdom (Country Streaks)44
(NM) UK Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ GeoWizardUnited Kingdom (Country Streaks)28
(NM) UK Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ Tinie_SnipahUnited Kingdom (Country Streaks)26
NCNC Country Streak (NM)πŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryAn Improved World48
NCNC Country Streak (NM)πŸ₯ˆ ItsRCAn Improved World24
NCNC Country Streak (NM)πŸ₯‰ WolftrekkerAn Improved World20
(NM) Nordic Country StreakπŸ₯‡ JiibeeThe nordic countries.104
(NM) Nordic Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ BleachThe nordic countries75
(NM) Nordic Country StreakπŸ₯‰ TheSuomiThe nordic countries59

Country Streaks (Chat Assisted)

Style of ChallengePlayerMap UsedRecordVideo
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ JussetainA Diverse World (3.0)100 (+)
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ growlirlA Diverse World (3.0)97
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ tubew00dyA Diverse World (3.0)92
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ ComradeIntenseA Balanced World170
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ JussetainA Balanced World66
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ lyootoA Balanced World64
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ ComradeIntenseAn Improved World95
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ tubew00dyAn Improved World77
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ GeoPeterYTAn Improved World61
Hedge (NM)πŸ₯‡ growlirlAn Improved World25
Hedge (NM)πŸ₯ˆ KuahsiAn Improved World20 (-)
Hedge (NM)πŸ₯‰ DoMindMeTTV & SimerodgeAn Improved World12Multiple
Non-Moving USA State StreaksπŸ₯‡ King_MaffUnited States (no blurry)19
Non-Moving USA State StreaksπŸ₯ˆ Chicago GeographerUnited States (no blurry)18
Non-Moving USA State StreaksπŸ₯‰ sagittarius998 (Solo)United States (no blurry)14
(NM) Canada Province StreakπŸ₯‡ ImYouButWorseOOF (Solo)Canada (Updated Coverage)32
(NM) Canada Province StreakπŸ₯ˆ AredtygCanada (Updated Coverage)21Multiple
(NM) Canada Province StreakπŸ₯‰ King_MaffCanada (Updated Coverage)14
(NM) Europe Country StreakπŸ₯‡ SimerodgeEurope (Mapper’s)74
(NM) Europe Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ ComradeIntenseEurope (Mapper’s)67
(NM) Europe Country StreakπŸ₯‰ oneProudPenguinEurope (Mapper’s)63
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ ItsRCA Diverse World (3.0)60
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ southbye3000A Diverse World (3.0)49
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ oneProudPenguinA Diverse World (3.0)31
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ King_MaffA Balanced World38
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ GrowlirlA Balanced World21
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ tubew00dy & ComradeIntenseA Balanced World15Multiple
(NM) NCNC Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ southbye3000An Improved World83
(NM) NCNC Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ WolftrekkerAn Improved World46 (-)
(NM) NCNC Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ AlokAn Improved World37
(NM) NCNC Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ GeoPeterYTA Diverse World (3.0)75
(NM) NCNC Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ SchpazA Diverse World (3.0)34
(NM) NCNC Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ King_MaffA Diverse World (3.0)26
(NM) Nordic Country StreakπŸ₯‡ KiribatForLifeThe nordic countries.137
(NM) Nordic Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ ChristofferdhThe nordic countries.96
(NM) Nordic Country StreakπŸ₯‰ GeoPeterYTThe nordic countries.72 (-)
(NM) Southern Europe Country StreakπŸ₯‡ Skeetview (Solo)Topotic’s Southern European Hel36
(NM) Southern Europe Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ SimiTopotic’s Southern European Hel32
(NM) Southern Europe Country StreakπŸ₯‰ King_MaffTopotic’s Southern European Hel29
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯‡ ComradeIntenseBalkan Roulette69
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯ˆ oneProudPenguinBalkan Roulette26
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯‰ SimerodgeBalkan Roulette20
(NM) City StreaksπŸ₯‡ ItsRC (Solo)Urbanguessr13
(NM) City StreaksπŸ₯ˆ SimerodgeUrbanguessr11
(NM) City StreaksπŸ₯‰ Tubew00dyUrbanguessr8


Style of ChallengePlayerMap UsedRecordVideo
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯‡ GranisA Diverse World (3.0)00:03:58.916
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯ˆ ItsRCA Diverse World (3.0)00:05:03.100
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯‰A Diverse World (3.0)
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)4α΅—Κ°A Diverse World (3.0)
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)5α΅—Κ°A Diverse World (3.0)
Perfect Game Urban World (25k)πŸ₯‡ ItsRCAn Urban World00:03:39.267
Perfect Game Urban World (25k)πŸ₯ˆ Geography ChallengesAn Urban World00:03:53.74
Perfect Game Urban World (25k)πŸ₯‰An Urban World
Perfect Game USA Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯‡ Chicago GeographerUnited States (no blurry)00:04:28.65
Perfect Game USA Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯ˆ ItsRCUnited States (no blurry)00:07:33
Perfect Game USA Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯‰ SkydivingFerretUnited States (no blurry)00:12:47.22
50 State SpeedrunπŸ₯‡ Chicago GeographerUnited States (no blurry)00:30:09.96
50 State SpeedrunπŸ₯ˆ sagittarius998United States (no blurry)00:37:59
50 State SpeedrunπŸ₯‰ CheerUpBeerUnited States (no blurry)00:54:24
50 Country Streak SpeedrunπŸ₯‡A Diverse World (3.0)
50 Country Streak SpeedrunπŸ₯ˆA Diverse World (3.0)
50 Country Streak SpeedrunπŸ₯‰A Diverse World (3.0)
Perfect Game (NM) Urban WorldπŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryAn Urban World00:03:44
Perfect Game (NM) Urban WorldπŸ₯ˆ Geography ChallengesAn Urban World00:17:25
Perfect Game (NM) Urban WorldπŸ₯‰ TOPOTICAn Urban World00:39:59
24k SpeedrunπŸ₯‡ ItsRCA Diverse World (3.0)00:00:31.467
24k SpeedrunπŸ₯ˆA Diverse World (3.0)
24k SpeedrunπŸ₯‰A Diverse World (3.0)

No-Moving Highscores

Style of ChallengePlayerMap UsedRecordVideo
Solo No MovingπŸ₯‡ Granis & SkeetviewA Diverse World (3.0)25000Multiple
Solo No MovingπŸ₯ˆ ItsRCA Diverse World (3.0)24783
Solo No MovingπŸ₯‰ svmmvmA Diverse World (3.0)23979
Solo No Moving4α΅—Κ° Geography ChallengesA Diverse World (3.0)23669
Solo No Moving5α΅—Κ° AlokA Diverse World (3.0)23606
No MovingπŸ₯‡ KiribatiForLifeA Diverse World (3.0)24642
No MovingπŸ₯ˆ aGreedyHobbitA Diverse World (3.0)24117
No MovingπŸ₯‰ the6thstringA Diverse World (3.0)24086
No Moving (Achievement)πŸ† Geography Challenges, Granis (-), SubSymmetry, TOPOTIC & BobbyBurm (C)An Urban World25000Multiple
Solo NMPZπŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryWorld24262
Solo NMPZπŸ₯ˆ TOPOTICWorld23218
Solo NMPZπŸ₯‰ Sagittarius998World22834
NMPZπŸ₯‡ JussetainWorld23972
NMPZπŸ₯ˆ King_MaffWorld23383
NMPZπŸ₯‰ AlokWorld22003
Solo NMPZπŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryA Diverse World (3.0)24610
Solo NMPZπŸ₯ˆ AlokA Diverse World (3.0)24307
Solo NMPZπŸ₯‰ ItsRCA Diverse World (3.0)24205
Solo NMPZ4α΅—Κ° Lenn The ManA Diverse World (3.0)24164
Solo NMPZ5α΅—Κ° torisbA Diverse World (3.0)23978
NMPZπŸ₯‡ growlirlA Diverse World (3.0)24246
NMPZπŸ₯ˆ oneProudPenguinA Diverse World (3.0)23552
NMPZπŸ₯‰ aGreedyHobbitA Diverse World (3.0)22638

Tied Records

Style of ChallengePlayerMap UsedRecordVideo
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ tubew00dyA Balanced World15
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ComradeIntenseA Balanced World15
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯‡ AlokBalkan Roulette45
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯‡ TOPOTICBalkan Roulette45
(NM) Balkan Country StreakπŸ₯‡ MagyaronBalkan Roulette45
No Moving AchievementπŸ† Geography ChallengesAn Urban World25000
No Moving AchievementπŸ† Granis (-)An Urban World25000
No Moving AchievementπŸ† SubSymmetryAn Urban World25000
No Moving AchievementπŸ† TOPOTICAn Urban World25000
No Moving AchievementπŸ† BobbyBurm (C)An Urban World25000
(NM) Canada Province StreakπŸ₯ˆ Aredtyg (Part 1)Canada (Updated Coverage)21
(NM) Canada Province StreakπŸ₯ˆ Aredtyg (Part 2)Canada (Updated Coverage)21
Hedge (NM)πŸ₯ˆ DoMindMeTTVAn Improved World12
Hedge (NM)πŸ₯ˆ SimerodgeAn Improved World12
Solo No MovingπŸ₯‡ GranisA Diverse World (3.0)25000
Solo No MovingπŸ₯‡ SkeetviewA Diverse World (3.0)25000

Retired Records

Style of ChallengePlayerMap UsedRecordVideo
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryA Diverse World (old 2.x)191
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ TOPOTICA Diverse World (old 2.x)110
Solo Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ AlokA Diverse World (old 2.x)98
Solo Non-Moving Country Streaks4α΅—Κ° JussetainA Diverse World (old 2.x)93
Solo Non-Moving Country Streaks5α΅—Κ° ComradeIntenseA Diverse World (old 2.x)52
Solo NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ PizzaGuyA Diverse World (old 2.x)45
Solo NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ ItsRCA Diverse World (old 2.x)18
Solo NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ KuahsiA Diverse World (old 2.x)12
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ JussetainA Diverse World (old 2.x)1001
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ ComradeIntenseA Diverse World (old 2.x)407 (-)
Non-Moving Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ Ask_a_GeoistA Diverse World (old 2.x)291
Non-Moving Country Streaks4α΅—Κ° King_MaffA Diverse World (old 2.x)208
Non-Moving Country Streaks5α΅—Κ° AlbafraudA Diverse World (old 2.x)122
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‡ King_MaffA Diverse World (old 2.x)50
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯ˆ JuncosA Diverse World (old 2.x)32
NMPZ Country StreaksπŸ₯‰ ComradeIntenseA Diverse World (old 2.x)27
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯‡ GranisA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:03:38 (-)
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯ˆ PizzaGuyA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:04:17 (-)
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)πŸ₯‰ ItsRCA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:06:08
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)4α΅—Κ° Geography ChallengesA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:09:58
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)5α΅—Κ° ChuckolatorA Diverse World (old 2.x)0:10:43
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)6α΅—Κ° AntoineDanielA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:10:52
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)7α΅—Κ° MapperA Diverse World (old 2.x)0:11:27
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)8α΅—Κ° TOPOTICA Diverse World (old 2.x)0:13:39
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)9α΅—Κ° havrdA Diverse World (old 2.x)0:13:41
Perfect Game Speedrun (25k)10α΅—Κ° AlokA Diverse World (old 2.x)0:14:12
50 Country Streak SpeedrunπŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:04:58
50 Country Streak SpeedrunπŸ₯ˆ JussetainA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:06:05
50 Country Streak SpeedrunπŸ₯‰ AlokA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:07:46
24k SpeedrunπŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:00:27
24k SpeedrunπŸ₯ˆ TOPOTICA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:00:42
24k SpeedrunπŸ₯‰ streetviewA Diverse World (old 2.x)00:00:43
No Moving High ScoreπŸ₯‡ AlokA Diverse World (old 2.x)25000
No Moving High ScoreπŸ₯ˆ Ask_a_GeoistA Diverse World (old 2.x)24972
No Moving High ScoreπŸ₯‰A Diverse World (old 2.x)
Solo NMPZ High ScoreπŸ₯‡ SubSymmetryA Diverse World (old 2.x)24629
Solo NMPZ High ScoreπŸ₯ˆ ItsRCA Diverse World (old 2.x)24355
Solo NMPZ High ScoreπŸ₯‰ MagyaronA Diverse World (old 2.x)24237
NMPZ High ScoreπŸ₯‡ BobbyBurmA Diverse World (old 2.x)24246
NMPZ High ScoreπŸ₯ˆ SpazzticA Diverse World (old 2.x)24236
NMPZ High ScoreπŸ₯‰A Diverse World (old 2.x)


NMPZ – Non Moving, Panning or Zooming
(NM) – Non Moving
(C) – Chat-assisted streak in mixed categories
(+) – Ongoing Streak
* – Awaiting Confirmation
(-) Streak contains a mess-up (player error) or a lack of current evidence due to a variety of reasons. Please look to the right for more details.
If the word “Solo” appears, it was not assisted by chat. However, when the word Solo does not appear, there was assistance from Chat (But not google). Just because a category doesn’t have the word Solo on it, doesn’t mean it cant be done by yourself.
(Hedge) – Hedge is a gamemode where chat has to get as many consecutive 20000 point no-moving games as possible on a world map.
NCNC – No Car, No Compass
The Timer starts when you click “Start Game” and ends on your last successful guess.

How to read the time: 00:00:00.00 reads as:

Hours : Minutes : Seconds . Milliseconds (if applicable)

All Speedruns are intended to be done Solo, but there is nothing preventing someone from getting help. We will not be keeping track of these speedruns in separate categories.
DISCLAIMER: In order to be featured on this list, you must have a recording of yourself performing the record you claim. This can be done on Twitch, Youtube, or any other platform that live streams / allows the use of uploaded videos.
Warning: Make sure that you play in single player mode and not challenge mode. We know people can look ahead and tell you the location. Also, play full screen to not show the URL for the same reasons. Not doing so will result in your record submission being denied.
(-) ComradeIntense
Intense and his chat were convinced the location was in Serbia. During his zoom in, Intense focused on Slovenia. He crossed the border and placed his guess assuming it was Serbia. It was not. As he intended to guess Serbia, the streak continued. Without the human error, the real record would stand at 326.
(-) Granis
Due to Granis taking down his Youtube channel, this video is no longer available. However, this is the confirmed time from when the video was live.
(-) PizzaGuy
PizzaGuy deleted his speedrun video, so it is no longer available. However, this is the confirmed time from when the video was live.
(-) WolfTrekker
WolfTrekker and his chat were convinced they were in Malaysia, but WolfTrekker accidentally clicked Indonesia. Without Human Error, the record would be 27.
Please note:
If there isn’t a streak listed for a specific map, it’s probably intended that way. We cannot have thousands of records on thousands of maps. In order for this sheet to get updated with the streak you claim, multiple people need to show interest in achieving a streak on that specific map. Even then, it’s possible that the streak will not be accepted for this list. We hope you understand. – The Geoguessr Pro Community

We are not keeping Track of Solo or Chat assisted high scores, and instead we have one overall category for them both.